Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Speak Up for Hezbollah


Anonymous said...

Why in the hell should America stop anything?

America didnt tell Lebanon to shelter Hizbollah and make them their leaders.

America didnt tell Nasrallah to kidnap two Israeli soldiers nor did they tell him to cross Israels border.

I am sorry but I understand why Israel is doing what it is doing right now. How much muslim shit do they have to take to justify retaliation? they have taken far too much for far too long.

I am hoping our president here in the USA decides to back Israel by sending troops to help THEM out.

You fucking muslim bastards are crazy and fanatical and I wish to see every last one of you wiped off the face of the earth.

muslims make me want to become a JEW


Mickey said...

anon: quit letting this nutcase rile ya up, son,it`s a setup...( ;

Theater of the Absurd.

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