Monday, February 06, 2006

Anti-Muslim Cartoons

Out of respect for those who follow the Islamic faith, I will not reproduce vile anti-Muslim cartoons here; instead, I am displaying a different cartoon that asserts my right to free speech.

The question now in front of us is: Does anyone have the right to publish cartoons that depict links between Islam and violence? May I answer that in a professorial manner, with additional questions?

Well then, do white supremacists have the right to publish cartoons advocating the lynching of black people? Do insane right-wing Jews and Christians have the right to speak in defense of Israeli atrocities? Do capitalists have the right to exploit working people for their filthy profits?

The answers to the first two questions can be debated, even if there is no moral defense for their stances. As with the recent depictions of Islam being violent, these are vile ideas that have no place in our world, and yet there are some people who might claim that their freedom of expression cannot be denied. I will leave the final judgment to you, as I am not a judgmental person.

And the answer to the third question, obviously, is an emphatic, "No!"


Jakester said...

Since Jews and Americans are basically civilized and have decent laws, you will not be harmed, unlike what the Islamo-savages would do if you offended the scumbag Mohamed or their devil Allah

Liz said...

This article is very insightful and very balanced! However the poster before me is rather inbalanced and shows exactly the kind of idiocy that is rampant in the West. Americans and Jews are civilized? They are responsible for creating every major war, and have killed more Muslims in the last 10 years including taking their land and oil then they could have done. And America and Israel are very close friends with Saudi Arabia which is where most of the radicalized are being taught. So to the poster before, please do learn a few things before posting lest you look like another typical dumbass. :)

Anonymous said...

Liz. Read what you wrote & try again. Be literate this time.

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