Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bush Step Down!

I missed the State of The Union address because I was too swamped with grading papers, but Bush continues to reveal himself as THE fascist threat of the 21st Century. Attacking innocent countries, stealing from the poor, blood for oil, starving children in our cities, a violent Christian theocracy -- these are very dangerous times.

Unfortunately, I was too busy pondering our collective future to join the toppling of the Bush Statue in San Francisco last week, but I wonder if we can all appreciate the delicious irony. After attacking Iraq, Bush's army pulled the Saddam statue down, and now we're pulling down Bush's statue! It's subtle, but it gets the point across.

The woman in the above picture is in fact one of my students. I personally trained her in the active resistance training of making continuous siren noises until justice is served. (And as an aside, it's also great for alleviating sinus infections if you simultaneously bend your right arm.)

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