Friday, February 03, 2006

Capitalist Lies about Famines

Here's your media bias, straight from the fascist Telegraph:

Zimbabwe Crops Fail Despite Good Rain

Zimbabwe is expected this year to grow less than half of what it needs to feed the population and the rains have denied President Robert Mugabe his standard explanation of poor weather for slumping production.

As even my slowest students can tell you, every instance of a famine in a People's Republic has been due to poor weather (and American imperialism). What else can explain the food-shortage issues in North Korea? Or the historic so-called "famines" in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, China, etc. etc. etc.? Only weather can explain it.

Need more evidence? Consider that North Korea is colder than South Korea. Or that Cuba, with perfect weather, is a paradise in every sense of the word (including free health care!).

The fact is that Robert Mugabe is responsible for providing his people with whatever they do have. Nothing works like expertise, authority, and a vision.

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