Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheney Scandal Unstoppable

Never mind the usual tabloid right-wing nonsense about mobs of so-called “rioters” in Pakistan allegedly screaming for “Death to America”, never mind the so-called Iranian nuclear weapons and their alleged promise to use them on Israel, and so forth. The fact is: We are not going to be distracted from the Cheney shooting scandal.

This story is bigger than you think:

There is no way to play the usual equivocating politics with a story about the vice-president ACTUALLY SHOOTING SOMEONE. And that's why I guarantee you this story isn't going away: It's a perfect way for the press to indict the entire Administration through the perfect metaphor.

That’s correct. In fact, with the midterm elections coming up, Cheney thought that shooting someone in a “hunting accident” would be the perfect way to score points with the NRA. But guess what? We’re on to you, and this scandal will soon bring down the entire corporate-capitalist-fascist-militarist-racist Zionist right-wing Christian theocracy that the Chimpanzee Bush and his Nazi lieutenants forced on us in their violent coup-d’etat of 2000.

This story will not go away, Cheney!

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