Friday, February 17, 2006

From The Mailbag: Gay in Australia

A confused reader seeks assistance...

Dear Sir:

I have just run into a problem with the current fashion. I have just received a formal warning for telling a homosexual young man, “Lets not talk about this," when he told me that he found a boy we were talking about to be "hot". Within two hours, a number of teachers were already fashionably foaming at the mouth. The fashionable, legal system in Australia certainly does not help with its anti-discrimination and harassment laws in which an act of discrimination or harassment is defined as basically anything that could offend anyone that is fashionable.

...and I am glad to help:

Free thought and free speech are the bedrock of all free societies. The ability to speak one's mind and to question others without fear of violent reprisal are at the heart of our liberal ideals.

And as in America, I see that Australia respects individual freedoms of speech to inquire, discuss, and criticize.

In your case, permit me to give examples of how you can be use these freedoms:

"Are there any other boys who are hot?"
"Can you teach me more about your intriguing hobby?"
"I wish I was gay; can you help me?"

"The oppression of your lifestyle disgusts me."
"Your community will benefit after the revolution."
"Capitalism only encourages gender bias."

"I hate heterosexuals."
"I hate white people."
"I hate Christians."

In short, you must follow two simple rules:

1. It is a crime to discuss these matters in a hurtful way
2. It is a crime to not discuss these matters at all

Which, of course, leaves the only morally-permissible alternative, which is:

3. Recognize the intrinsic value of progressive thought, and build on it, nourish it, and respect it. Inquire, discuss, and criticize!

Remember, free speech becomes hurtful speech if people are offended or ignored.


Professor Peter Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD

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Mickey said...

freedom of speech?
aint no such thing.
you are a dreamer....

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