Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Punish Lawrence Summers

Speaking of punishments, can we now bring legal proceedings against former Harvard President and still-misogynist Lawrence Summers?

Besides disgracing my alma mater with his bigoted remarks, he has insulted women everywhere by including "innate ability" as one possible area to explore as an explanation for the under-representation of women in the Harvard math-and-science faculty. And on Tuesday, Mr. Summers finally lost his fight against an understandably outraged faculty and was tossed out. It was a true People's Victory!

But then, consider that this was pure hate speech. Vile and putrid hate speech. And as such, there are legal remedies that must be applied. Losing his job is not enough, for it does not send a sufficient message to the millions of women who were hurt by his comments.

How dare he suggest that gender differences be studied? How dare he suggest that men and women are not identical?

Did it ever occur to him that maybe women do not enter math and science because of dominating misogynists like him? As a feminist myself, that's certainly a reason why I stayed away from math and "science"! (And I put quotations around "science" because I really am a scientist, a social scientist -- which is the highest order of scientist. Think of it as being a "sun" scientist instead of being an "ice" scientist.)

Let us hope that his replacement refrains from offending anyone. Offense, after all, is the antithesis of freedom. And of science.

And as an extra bonus, Harvard can once again divest from the Zionist State!

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