Monday, April 17, 2006

Bush: I Will Nuke Iran

Hell is here because that bastard Bush has explicitly threatened a nuclear war against Iran! PEOPLE! THIS MONSTER MUST BE STOPPED!

The news is all over the "blogosphere", so you
know that it must be true. HE WILL GET US ALL KILLED!

And for what? Because President Ahmadine
jad said that Iran is now a nuclear power? We can't prove that Iran is!

Because the President Ahmadinejad promised to "wipe Israel off the map"? We can't prove that he means it!

Because the Iranian Parliament chants "Death to America"? We can't prove that they really mean it!

Because Iran is supposedly sending suicide bombers to Britain? That can’t be proven either!

But we can prove beyond any doubt that Bush's finger is on the nuclear button right this minute, and that it is ready to be pressed!

Just look at this article from today's Int
ernational Herald Tribune or whatever:

Fact: Like a frightened mouse, Iran is only trying to defend itself from proven American aggression. Who can blame them for their actions? They can't help it; no one has control over their own actions when they are threatened!

Bush, you insane coward, end the threat and bury your nukes. The whole world is watching, you scumbag.

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zell said...

oh my goodness, and I hear that Bush has TOP SECRET plans to nuke Iran within two weeks. if only he hadn't stole the election - things would be so different - during the election John Kerry promised to give Iran nuclear fuel. Oh, if only J F Kerry were president none of this insanity would be be taking place. But now thanks to the republicans, we're all going to die. Shit.

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