Saturday, April 22, 2006

Millions and Millions of Immigrants: Part 2

The other day, I posed the question: If urban overdevelopment, suburban sprawl, and rural destruction are off limits, then where shall the millions of Mexican immigrants live? (Given, of course, that we welcome them.)

The answer, in the comment section, from "Juan", was:

I propose that we let the immigrants into our homes. This would solve many problems. Or better yet, the government could become the owner of all homes and assign homes based on need and circumstance!

This is nothing short of stupendously brilliant, though I do not know why Juan has suppressed his multiple academic credentials.

Regardless, it is a perfect scenario. As it is, we waste far too much energy with only one family per apartment -- to say nothing of one family for an entire house! It is the residential equivalent of driving a Hummer; i.e., a lifestyle that we cannot afford, nor have any right to have.

By my reckoning, we could easily have one family per room. Therefore, if the typical apartment has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, then we can easily accommodate five families in there. That would allow a five-fold increase in population, or 1,200,000,000 immigrants -- preferably from Latin America, Africa, and The Middle East (Zionists, of course, need not apply) without any new housing development.

In fact, with a little academic ingenuity and the correct policy prescriptions, it would be no trouble to accommodate the entire world's population in Amerika (but without Zionists).

How to do it? Simple. Eliminate all customs controls and border checks. (People working in these positions will be granted early retirement at full pay.) No passports, no visas, no stories. Who can object? Even many right-wing fascists agree that immigration is a positive thing. For that matter, even moron Bush knows that there should be no such thing as an "illegal alien".

And once the entire world's population is living here (with some exceptions, as noted above), our imminent national health care will become global health care! Our Federal taxes will become global taxes! Our revolution will be a Global Revolution! And the reprehensible Amerikan population will finally, FINALLY, be forced to give back what they took from the world -- because everyone will be living within the same national borders.

Of course, until that day comes, we still need to pay for the world outside our borders -- they deserve it and we do not. Think: If we owe money to people within our borders, then by what standard can we reject it to those who are outside our borders?


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