Thursday, April 20, 2006

Students Smash Sweatshops

Here are some students who are doing the right thing:

A handful of students stripped for a protest and rally at UC Berkeley to call on UC administrators to adopt a policy that would ensure that logo apparel is produced in factories that respect workers' rights... Eighteen students affiliated with Tuesday's protest were cited for trespassing after they staged a sit-in in California Hall, which houses administrative offices, including the chancellor's office.

Frankly, I believe that these sort of actions would qualify as PhD dissertations, or at least exempt these students from studying economics.

This is a battle for full union benefits, 35 paid holidays, and a $75 minimum wage for every worker in the world -- to say nothing of ironclad job guarantees like in France. I have been hounding my university's administration for years to solve the problem of worker oppression, and I'm proud -- damn proud -- to see the students making the painful, though necessary, sacrifices to bring justice to the international working class.

And I'll bet that their parents are also damn proud.

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