Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why I Hate Christians

First, let me point out that some Christians have their good points, and are brave people. (See here and here.)

But by and large, we are talking about theological imperialism. In their insane bipolar subservience to The Pope and fascist Bush, Christians are slaves to their own narrow dogma -- and are actively attempting to pollute the entire world with their poison.

You see, what matters to them is their perverse personality-cult hate-filled doctrine, which is the very antithesis of our human-based Revolution. Christians are closed-minded, doctrinaire, and are guided by an obscene faith -- the complete opposite of, say, me.

The table below shows how different I am from a typical Christian:

We can only dream of a world without Christians...


Anonymous said...

This is the best satire I've seen in a long time! Do you work for the Peoplescube.com???

Anonymous said...

<< We can only dream of a world without Christians... >>

Don't be worry, one day you will live in a world without Christians...

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