Saturday, May 20, 2006

Musings on Other Cultures XIII: Ethnic Badges

Lately, there has been a controversy over whether Iran is requiring Jews and Christians to wear badges identifying them as such.

Maybe it is true, and maybe it isn't. But there is plenty of evidence that such a policy is part of the great Islamic tradition. Remember the Taliban and the Hindus in 2001? (And we know what happened only a few months later, thank you, Mossad!)

"This is not something new. In fact this tradition has been in place since the times of the Prophet Mohammad for non-Muslims for their safety and immunity," [Taliban ambassador to Pakistan Abdul Salam] Zaeef said.

Saftey and immunity! The benevolence of such a policy is yet a further indication of how far behind Amerika is behind the enlightened people. Yes, we do have affirmative action, but that is only useful if the exploited population can be identified by their skin color. Or if they have a targeted surname. But sometimes, it's difficult to identify the target group without being intrusive; e.g., whither the transgendered?

Solution: Emulate our betters in other cultures and demand LARGE VISIBLE BADGES FOR EVERYONE. With immediate public access (a public society is a free society!), identification of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, weight, political affiliation, medical history, relatives' names, and much more will be immediate and actionable.

I have a dream: That the progressiveness and caring of Islam becomes a dominant feature of our sick, sick nation.

I hate Amerika.


Bensilly said...

I dont have any ph.D`s but I think i might of got high with you once...

shlemazl said...


I concur with your research. Indeed, it is an obscure, but true historical fact:

Nazis got the idea from ... IRAN.

It's just making the full circle.

Bensilly said...


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