Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Support Human Extinction AND Become a Millionaire

Here's another reason for you to support human extinction: You can make money! Granted, this is an appeal to your disgusting greed, but I believe the ends justify the means.

Specifically, according to, the chores done by a typical "stay at home" mother are worth about $135,000/year. Therefore, in eight years, the typical mom does $1 Million worth of unpaid work!

So, instead of having children, why not take care of someone else's children? According to these statistics, the typical nanny becomes a millionaire in just a few years -- and you can be that nanny! After all, if a family of breeders pays a nanny $1 Million over, say, ten years, then they will come out ahead. That is, their alternative is for "mom" to do $1 Million worth of unpaid labor in eight years. By paying you $1 Million over ten years, they get two years of free labor, and you become a millionaire.

Over a forty-year career, a typical nanny becomes a millionaire four times over!

Have I convinced you yet?


Carol said...

I think that since we wymyn haven't been getting paid all that money we should sue for reparations.

Anonymous said...

In reality, I don't know of any nanny who makes $135K/year. If that was the case, a guy like me will happily be a nanny.


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