Friday, June 23, 2006

The So-Called "Plot" to Destroy The Sears Tower

There are so many things that are reprehensible, and yes, frightening about Bush’s right-wing assault on the so-called "terrorist plot to blow up the Sears Tower":

1) The suspects are black. Is it surprising that our racist society continues to scapegoat People of Color? Are the prisons not already over-stuffed with minority inmates? Why do we allow the continuing Slaughter of Color?

2) The suspects are Islamic. While the First Amendment is constantly trotted out to defend the Bushian Christian theocracy, it is conveniently discarded when it comes to defending the free practice of Sun Religions, like Islam.

3) The arrest of these suspects is a distraction from the War on Terror. How convenient to target a so-called "terror plot" to distract the nation from Bush's failure to end terror.

4) This proves that the war on Iraq is a sham. The profiteering neocon chickenhawk robber baron shits insist that their Iraq war is to protect us (ha!), and now they also squeal, "Terrorists! Terrorists! There are terrorists in Florida!" You can't have it both ways, you murdering swines. Not only has your war-mongering failed to protect us, but it has actually incited terror at home.

5) There is no evidence that these people are terrorists. Just lock them up at Guantanamo, right guys? Business as usual, I assume? No trial and no rights -- only arbitrary arrest, torture and murder.

6) It is impossible that these people are terrorists. In the same breath, the racist Americans call them "devout Muslims" and "terrorists" -- without realizing that it is impossible to be a true Muslim and also be violent. The Qu'ran prohibits violence! Unlike your damn bible, that is, which to this day incites millions to indiscriminately slaughter innocents.

7) There is no such thing as "terror". For all the talk about "terror", no one has ever produced the slightest piece of evidence of it. Like witches and the "benefits" of capitalism, "terror" is a myth. A myth used to exterminate people simply because they do not look like us.

8) The Sears Tower is occupied by Little Eichmanns, anyway. What exactly is the matter with questioning the motives of the fascists who occupy the Sears Tower?

9) These “anti-terror” operations place FBI agents in harm's way. FBI agents have mothers who fear for their children being sacrificed for this cruel war of extermination against People of Color.

10) The FBI is the true terror organization. One day, you're practicing your faith. The next, you're in prison -- facing extermination. Only the SS and the FBI could do this. There have been exactly four stains on human history: Nazis, South Afrikkkans, Amerikkkans, and Zionists. Two down, two to go.

11) The FBI is racist.
Do you have a better word for federal agents posing as Islamic stereotypes in order to trap, frame, and destroy innocent civilians of color?

12) Why does Amerikkka always use force to solve its so-called "problems"? Why no outreach? Who no sensitivity? Why no exploration of root causes? Why no reflexive purging of our centuries-old traditions of oppression and slavery that have driven others to the point where they have no choice but to resist with armed struggle?

13) If this story is true, then perhaps we can learn from it.
When someone says they hate you, you need to ask, "Why?" And when someone threatens to kill you, you need to do some serious self-evaluation to determine why they have been so provoked. But no, the Christians without Conscience are incapable of feeling the pain of others.

14) The FBI is a sick and violent organization.
Some Muslims of Color who threatened to murder thousands are being detained by the FBI. Do you really feel any safer now?


Lexcen said...

Of course, everybody knows that Muslims are peace loving people. They are constantly being ridiculed and provoked into understandable violence. It's obvious that those of "the book" are evil and threaten Islam. What are poor Muslims expected to do? Put up with the evil? tolerate the evil? turn the other cheek to ridicule? I don't think so.

Gorrest Fump said...

I see the evil slinking hand of Racismhere! Look at that picture.

There is a big - black - stiff - building there, with a little - white - limp - building in the foreground.

So why try to kill the black building - when the white building is so obviously more deserving of demolition?

Amerikkkan Racism, I tell you!

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