Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Words for July 4th

On this July 4th, let's listen to PhD candidate Kathy, on what Independence Day means:


july 4 is independence day, which is when malcolm x freed the slaves. i mean, is there anything sicker than slavery? no, i think not. and it just figures that amerikkka was the kkkapital of slavery. that's why black people live in poverty...because they were slaves. and it's why black people like, steal all the time? because they were slaves and can't help themselves.

but, i mean, they're not really criminals, like i'm so not a racist. like, i have a black friend, ok? she's like really cool because she really hates bush. fuck bush! i mean, i used to have a black boyfriend because it just looked soooo awesome and it really, like, freaked my parents out? but he like, vanished one day and i'm like all, oh my god, why? so i thought maybe i should lose some weight but those diets are like totally not effective because like i'll have like a salad? and after a while, i'm just so, you know, fuck the salad. but you can try a dozen diets and they won't work if you're not like, in touch with yourself? like, i have a friend who lost 12 pounds, ok, but you she can't keep it off and anyway, i have another friend who lost five pounds in a week, but she's like a total bitch, so fuck her.

i mean, i'm cool and all, but if you fuck with me, i'll be like a total bitch. it's a skill i have, like fuck you, ok? you have to, like, earn my respect?

so anyway, july 4th in the year of, like, whatever, was when slavery ended. but that's bullshit because fucking amerikkka is still, like, capitalist? and, like, we're all slaves to the capitalist class and the ruling class like how wal-mart has like millions and millions of slaves.

like, the world is OK and i'm cool with that, but amerikkkan slavery is just so vomititious that i want to live somewhere else like europe or africa or wherever. i mean, if you like amerikkka, you're either really stupid or really old. and old people suck so bad, like all they know are these like really boring stories about some wars in europe or wherever, and i'm like so, who cares? i mean, like, get over it!! i mean, these old people elected nixon, who was, like the most worst president ever, anywhere, until bush came along. nixon started slavery and malcolm x ended it, and now bush has like made us all slaves again, and is raping us too.

did u know that i was raped? yeah, i was raped by cheney. i put that in my dissertation.

i mean, there's sex, and then there's republican rape. and i am so not afraid to talk about my orgasms. i'll talk about them on the bus and in the food coop and in front of my parents. fuck them! i mean, the first ammendment is so cool because i can go the shopping mall and hand out flyers about progressivism and have naked protests inside the pizza hut because they, like, so exploit dairy farmers. i don't eat that shit anyway because i'm a vegan?

i mean, fuck the constitution! amerikkka's constitution is the bible of slavery. so, on july 4th, me and my friends are going to dc to burn the constitution. we'll be, like, so free afterwards?

fuck bush!


shlemazl said...



For an A+...

Do you get multiple orgasms from the Republican rape?

Lexcen said...

You've tapped into the mindset of the younger generation. This is a sociological milestone of mega proportions that will have Bush shaking in his boots. Having burrowed into this mindset, its only a question of harnessing the collective unconscious and using your powers of persuasion for to create a political movement/lobby group for the forces of goodness versus the forces of evil.

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