Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Zionist Rape of Lebanon

Here is PhD candidate, Kathy, with her analysis of the latest Zionist aggression against the Lebanese People:


and like i wasn't already fed up with zionist exploitation of africans, then they, like, kill them all? i mean, like, isn't lebanon in africa? so, this, like reminds us that zionists are racists? yeah, they raped the lebanon pyramids like millions of years ago, and don't give me your testicle-talk about geography because i don't have to read your fucking maps because i feel. and my feelings? ok? like, tell me that we need solidarity behind our lebanese sisters because they're like so totally progressive and the zionists are like so totally killing them?

i know all about fucking jewish history, because, like, i'm getting a phd? the jews, like, controlled all of europe and then colonized africa and, like, decided to kill everyone in palestine and run the world from there? and, like, they control all the oil now, so they're like the worst global-warming criminals?

yeah, i hang with some jews, like, you know, movement jews. they hate fucking israel and, like, really fight for palestinians? i mean, maybe they're not like really cool, but, you know, for jews, they're ok. i mean, like, they're not total dweebs? but, like, i don't want too many jews around because it, like, gives people the wrong idea like i'm racist? i mean, i don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. like, you know, like, if you don't like my cigarette smoke, like that's your fucking problem? and if you don't like my cell phone conversation, like that's also your fucking problem? so, like, i don't really trust movement jews because, like, you know, you can never tell when they're going to, like join with zionists?

and anyway, like, muslims are just so awesome? they don't take any zionist shit, or amerikkkan shit, or british shit, or capitalist shit? i mean, like, maybe i should become a muslim? or, like, try it for a year or something? i mean, like, i wear a keffiyeh sometimes, but i need more than that. like, i need to be fucked by a muslim? that would just be so cool, because, like, fuck you mom and dad? i mean, like, my parents are so fascist? when i see my dad, i go, "yo hitler!" because he, like, has a job? like, he's all take, take, take. how about giving something back to the community? but dad doesn't give to greenpeace or the local mosque, so fuck him.

anyway, don't those jews know that they shouldn't oppress the party of god? isn't that cool -- party of god? like, i party too, like i have lots of friends, and we all party whenever the fuck we feel like it? we have a fuck capitalism party, a fuck bush party, and a fuck amerikkka party where keep an amerikkkan flag on the bathroom floor for squishing our used tampons on as a symbol of how the iraq war is fought with our blood for the moneyed ruling class.

professor kurgman says that partying is, like, learning? so, i'm not all bogged down with writing papers and shit. but these lebanese brothers and sisters, like, have a big fucking party, and like god is there. how cool is that! but the jews, like, have to go fucking ruin everything.

so fuck you, we're now gonna have a fuck-you party, where, like you can all go fuck yourselves.

fuck bush, fuck amerikkka, fuck israel, fuck capitalism, fuck everyone.


Lexcen said...

lots of Lebanese Muslims here in Australia...they would like to fuck a white chick, in fact they would like to do it with all their friends, like, hey dude SMS this location, there's a hot chick she wants to gang bang some Lebo guys...before you know it there's a swarm of horny muslim boys roughing up white chick 'cause she's not Muslim so it's OK you see...nothing wrong with that...

shlemazl said...

The tampon idea is "totally cool", Kathy. I am starting to worry about you.

So many good ideas... You are not a closet neocon by any chance, are you?

Anonymous said...

Your such a geek!

Don said...

I think I have the hang of this dissertation thing. It's basically about saying 'fuck you' to fascists and everyone to the right of Angela Davis, right?

Anonymous said...

People seeking higher education do NOT use the word "like" every third word. That garbage was written by an American kid who thinks they are being cool. I have seen and heard too many of them to "like" believe anything else.

I also believe you got your three Phd's out of a cracker jack box. That or you wrote them up yourself on some lined paper.

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