Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hillary and Wal-Mart

My vote matters, and will be very decisive in choosing our next leader.

And so, I was very disgusted to learn that Hillary was on the board of Wal-Mart. For starters, I did not realize that she was a Zionist pig. As we know, the Zionists cannot control the world financial markets without controlling Wal-Mart -- and it is evidently clear from this picture that the Wal-Mart board is comprised of Zionists.

But I was relieved to learn that all is well:

As a Director, Clinton Moved Wal-Mart Board, but Only So Far

Fellow board members and company executives, who have not spoken publicly about her role at Wal-Mart, say Mrs. Clinton used her position to champion personal causes, like the need for more women in management and a comprehensive environmental program, despite being Wal-Mart’s only female director, the youngest and arguably the least experienced in business.

Understand this: The proper function of being a Board Director is to "champion your personal causes".

And understand this: The proper function of being the President of Amerikkka is also to champion your personal causes.

And understand this: She has some very respectable personal causes.

The more I learn about her, the less inclined I will be to support Robert Mugabe at the brokered Democratic Party convention.

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