Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bye Bye Fidel

Some thoughts on the reign of my beloved Fidel Castro:

  • A country is to be judged entirely on free access to health care. On this measure, Fidel's Cuba is in fact the supreme revolutionary state that Amerikkka should hope to become one day.
  • Fidel was a pure revolutionary; even Reuters knows that. In the entire history of the world, there have been only four dictators, of which one (and maybe two!) were defeated by Fidel: Batista, Pinochet, Hitler, and Bush.
  • Fidel's Cuba is GREEN! Power consumption per capita is only 1,200 KWh (similar to other green nations like Tunisia and Syria). Compare with loathesome fat Amerikkkans drinking 13,000 (!) KWh per capita.
  • Fidel's Cuba has a per capita income of $3,000 -- similar to the nations of honest Sun People of sub-Saharan Africa. Unlike the murderous status-seeking Amerikkkans, Cubans derive pleasure from the non-monetary aspects of life, such as free health care and a genuine Revolution!
I miss you already, Fidel, my leader.

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