Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Foreclosure Solution: Ban Houses

A brief history of today's housing crisis:

1. Racist bankers, on direct orders from Mr. Bush, tempt minorities with low-interest mortgages.

2. Not seeing the concealed blood-stained fangs of the Republican Murder Machine, People of Color become coerced into accepting these loans.

3. The Zionist puppet masters enslave the exploited, overworked, and vulnerable People of Color by stealing their homes, confiscating their land, and raping their women.

As a tenured professor swamped with numerous academic burdens, I can't save every human from the predatory behavior of raw bloody capitalism.

But I can offer sound policy suggestions.

See the joyous youth in the picture on the right, embracing his leader's decision to demolish housing. Now, this just happens to be in Zimbabwe, but it can also be in Los Angeles or Boston. President Mugabe's nation has no foreclosure crises. He is a leader. WE NEED A LEADER!

Were it not for my university enslaving me, I would move to Zimbabwe tomorrow!

God DAMN Amerikkka!!!


Anonymous said...

You are truly the funniest dude on the ’net. Love the "joyous youth" pic.

comrade_tovarich said...

Dear Dr. Kurgman,

Aren't you about due for a sabbatical? I hear the progressive economics department at Zim. U. would love for you to preach to the masses. Imagine: a captive audience so weakened by starvation--wholly the result of Western schemers seeking to prey on Zimbabwe--that they could but slavishly listen to accept your offerings (and beatings can be arranged, if need be) and be unable to even to question them.

Oh, a previously white-owned farm has already been allotted to you as an additional enticement. Comrade Bob says that if you agree to come now, you'll get two farms for the gift of one!

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