Monday, January 30, 2006

Hillary: Bush Deliberately Abandoned New Orleans

Hillary turns out more original insights in one week than a normal person can in a year. Fresh from her realization that the U.S. Congress is run like a plantation, Hillary has now determined that (so-called) President Bush has deliberately abandoned New Orleans because...

"...if you rebuild New Orleans, all those Democrats might come home."

A hurricane hits, a city is destroyed, and the population -- comprised of many Democrats -- scatter. Could these events be a coincidence? Impossible. This is most definitely a planned and deliberate Republican act of further suppressing the Democratic vote.

Unfortunately, though, Hillary does not follow through. In order to ensure that these people do not vote for Democrats ever again, Bush must have devised a way of preventing them from voting in their new hometowns.

The evidence is that Bush used the Patriot Act to exterminate these people.

Conclusion: Bush is a murdering genocidal Christian fanatic.

Hillary...please remember that phrase while you campaign to defeat this monster in 2008.

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