Monday, January 30, 2006

Bush's Sick 9/11 Obsession

The Huffington Post is one of my favorite sources of fresh and incisive analysis of current events. True, many of the contributors lack multiple academic degrees, but I still find their perspectives instructive.

In particular, Roy Sekoff (one of their founders) penned a hilarious piece that also brings forth a surge of sadness -- and anger! Specifically, the folks (a term used to refer to non-academics) at the HP (that's an abbreviation for "Huffington Post") keep track of how long it takes so-called President Bush to say "9/11" in each of his pathetic speeches.

They call the game "Beat the Clock"! You have to admit...they're as funny as hell, that "HP" gang! (Again, "HP" is an abbreviation for "Huffington Post".)

But the sad fact is that this unelected so-called "President" continuously uses 9/11 for his political gain. I ask: What right does he have to refer to 9/11? This is a sacred subject that ought to be off-limits to him, period.

(And this is especially ironic because Bush is the world's biggest terrorist anyway. At least the so-called "hijackers" were defending their religion. And, we're still not sure if the entire incident was a Zionist plot to defame other people's religion.)

Meanwhile, I'm going to set my timer!

Just thought you would like a chuckle.

P.S. Mr. Bin Laden? I didn't vote for Bush!

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