Monday, January 30, 2006

Musings on Other Cultures III: Female Circumcision

Yes, this is a tricky one -- but fortunately, I can explain it.

Let's examine the negatives:

- Horrible pain inflicted on children
- A lifelong absence of sexual pleasure
- Life-threatening infections
- Subjugation of women

And now, the positives:

- A celebration of cultural expression

The verdict:

To someone in a Third-World culture, the Western world can seem barbaric. In short, we are in no position to judge any other cultural practice. Relatively speaking, all cultures are equal, except for those that promote the inhuman hell of capitalism. Therefore, we must accept, and also celebrate, these practices. Our world is a beautiful mosaic of vibrant cultures (with the exception noted above), of which female circumcision is a critical part.


Rufus said...

This blog smells like a bad satire to me... But, whatever makes you happy.

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