Saturday, January 28, 2006

Native Americans and Progressives Protest Power Plants

Let me start by stating that I admire Native Americans. These are people who are genuinely native to the land that you stole from them. And I also envy Native Americans. That is because I cannot claim that I am "native" to any land. It is to my disgrace that I am a white male of European heritage, and am part of a group that continues to rape the land, pollute the air, and make unearned wealth off the backs of minorities.

And now the facts of this issue.

On one hand, the Calpine corporation wants to build power plants and drill for energy in Medicine Lake Highlands, CA.

On the other hand, we have an impending defilement of a Native American cultural landscape and animals living in lava tubes -- and the prospect of a new building, the tallest in California, being illuminated around the clock.

What to do? Well, this is a "no brainer", and I'm delighted to see that the people are fighting, protesting, and resisting this obscene destruction of a culturally sacred area.

If only we could turn the clock back and replace existing power plants with Native culture. If only we could eliminate our sick dependence on electricity and live a simple life of dawn-to-dusk farming, worship, and tribal ceremonies.

I honestly regret having been born in these sick times.

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