Saturday, January 28, 2006

NYC Transit Strike: Did It Really Happen?

The subway workers' union in New York City is being fined $3M because they did what was right: They went out on strike to demand fair wages, respect, and justice. Or did they not strike? According to the Brennan Center of Justice (which is now bravely defending the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay), maybe the union did not go on strike.

This is what is implicit in their brief in support of the union, by stating that the union is entitled to a jury trial. And when you think about it, this is a wise insight. That is, who but our unbiased peers listening to evidence in a court are truly in a situation to determine whether their really was a strike?

Frankly, when I put my biases aside, I really have no idea whether there was a strike. For that matter, how can anyone -- other than a panel of jurors -- really know?

There is no truth other than that returned by a jury of our peers.

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Force Tube Avenue said...

Brilliant insight professor; after the transit strike, we must judge the ultimate ambiguity, the so-called "Holocaust". The esteemed and democratically-elected president of the Islamic Republic of Iran has graciously volunteered to conduct that inquest.

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