Monday, February 20, 2006

Academic Freedom: Burn the Jews

True academic freedom means that all views must be represented, and that their validity is a function of the speakers’ perspectives. One person's lie is another's truth. One person's murder is another's struggle and resistance! And what is more noble that struggling and resisting?

Unlike American Universities, constrained by our fascist theocratic state, other parts of the world know what real academic freedom is -- as illustrated by this open exchange of ideas with a political science major at Universite Libanaise. (It is my dream to teach at a University with a French name...) Anyway, our university student opines:

"Just like Hitler fought the Jews – We are a great Islamic nation of Jihad, and we too should fight the Jews and burn them."

The young man is expressing a viewpoint from his perspective. And, of course, its clever subtlety leaves many interpretations. The most likely interpretation is that he is expressing an understandable (and uncontrollable) dissent from the years of abuse at the hands of the Zionist State. But he means well. For unlike Europeans, Arabs are People of Color (i.e, “Sun People”) and are incapable of hostile thoughts. Furthermore, he is clearly a devout Muslim, and Islam is Peace.

Besides, he is only using a figure of speech.

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