Monday, February 20, 2006

Upcoming Bay Area Events

Mark your calendars, people, we have some major Bay Area events coming up:

On February 22nd, there will be a screening of 9/11: An Inside Job. The documentary proves the “connection between the put options on both American and United Airlines and the CIA as well as many other incriminating facts.” The film was made by a former “narcotics investigator in the L.A. Police Department,” so you know that it must be true. Listen, peeps, this so-called “9/11 tragedy” simply did not happen!

On February 24th, there will be a progressive meeting to discuss The People’s Republic (we’re almost there!) of Venezuela, where we learn first –hand about “the revolutionary leaders who are making the kind of miracles in education, health, housing, economic development, etc., that could revive and transform the inner cities of the United States”. That’s what it takes, friends – we need to get the right revolutionaries in place for instant miracles in every aspect of our lives. The working class, oppressed and exploited, must be lead by knowledgeable visionaries who can show the way.

On the same night, only thirty minutes later (how can I attend both?) there will be a talk on Black Liberation and Socialism, focusing on “the struggles against racism and a vision for continued resistance with the goal of eliminating racism.” I a nticipate that we will learn much on how socialist success in African nations can be exported to the United States to achieve our goal of smashing racism.

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