Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bushitler's Budget Will Send Us to the Death Camps

From a news article in today’s New York Times:

George W. Bush ran for office as a "compassionate conservative," arguing that Americans did not have to choose between huge tax cuts and a government that would do its part to address social needs like education and health care. Now into his sixth year in the White House, Mr. Bush offered a budget on Monday that showed more clearly than ever the inexorable limits of that political promise

From a news article in today’s Washington Post:

The Bush administration is preparing a budget request that would freeze most spending on agriculture, veterans and science, slash or eliminate dozens of federal programs, and force more costs, from Medicaid to housing, onto state and local governments, according to congressional aides and lawmakers.

Get it, people? This 21st Century Hitler (no, worse than Hitler) is openly starving Americans, prohibiting science, eliminating the social safety net of Federal programs, and placing the burden of everything from health care to housing on the backs of the people.

Need proof? Look at what the senators are saying!

“It represents the same reckless fiscal course the Bush administration has followed for the last five years” – Senator Kent Conrad, (D- ND)

“Bush's priorities are sorely out of whack” – Senator John Kerry (D – MA)

“I think the clear message you can take away from this budget is that for children and families and veterans and seniors, you're on your own.” – Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

That’s right people; you’re on your own!

At this point, you probably want an insightful analysis from someone with three Ph.Ds. Well, consider it done!

I opened the books, and this is what I found:

Department of Education spending will be cut by 12% to only $64,000,000,000 – meaning that I will no longer have pupils to educate.

Department of Labor spending will increase by 13% to $53,000,000,000...well, that’s a lie.

Department of Energy spending will remain unchanged at $22,000,000,000. Unchanged? In this day and age? How will the environment be managed? How will have we energy to do anything?

Department of Health and Human Services spending will increase 21% to $698,000,000,000. That’s all? Just 21%? How about expanding the Indian Health Service to the rest of us?

Department of Agriculture spending will increase 8% to $93,000,000,000. With our nation being on the brink of starvation, all you can give us is $93,000,000,000?

And it goes on and on and on like this. With such malicious savagery being dealt to us, we can now fully understand what Hitler was about. This budget is the equivalent of mass deportations to extermination camps.


Vincent said...

Prof. Kurgman. You're too negative about President Bush. After all, our comrads from the Communist Party in China are the ones financing the Iraq war and America's budget deficit. I think President Bush is more helpful in our struggle to destroy capatalism than we initially thought.

Professor Peter Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...

Thank you, Vincent, for your thoughtful analysis. Unfortunately, though, it is a physical impossibility to be "too negative" about the Nazi in the White House.

I wonder about the Communist Party of China, though. First, they stock Wal-Mart with their union-busting products, and then they finance Bush's debt!

I agree, though, that Bush and his capitalist cronies might accelerate the inevitable death of capitalism. The workers are already noticing -- and, technically speaking, never elected Bush to start with!

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