Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Do Not Let Christians Get Away with It

Newspapers around the world are debating whether they should publish the horribly offensive cartoons of The Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). This has nothing to do with freedom of expression, and it has everything to do with maliciously provoking innocent people by defaming the faith that they hold dear.

Yes, freedom of expression has no greater friend than yours truly. And when it comes to pointing out the evils of Christianity, I pull no punches. No, I am not afraid to publish images that offend religious people. This is what freedom means to me: Protecting the people from Christianity (and capitalism).

OK, Mr. Robertson: In the name of your religion, You have threatened the life of Hugo Chavezbut now you have to deal with me!

OK, Bush: In the name of your religion, you have declared war on the world’s minorities to enrich your corporate cronies…but I can exercise my freedom of expression to put you on trial as a fascist murderer!

But people, please! This has nothing to do with Islam! Islam is a force for good. Islam is holy to millions of people. Islam negates Zionism. Islam is love. Therefore, to defame it is to hurt. And we cannot tolerate hurt.

I challenge the right-wing thugs who published those cartoons to apologize and to make amends.

What is wrong with the world today?


Exploding Head said...

You have three PhD's? HeeHee

In what? Ghiardia? Earthworm migration?
E.T. sightings?

It's nice you've found a place where you can ramble on to yourself. Now step aside and let the grownups handle this.

That's a good lad.

MudWyrm said...

Bwhahaha, bravo exploding head!
Beatiful mind....full of hate

Dumbo said...

You are a complete moron, another pseudo intellectual hypocrite making up excuses for the Islamo Fascists. Human garbage like you spent 1917-89 making up excuses for Communist mass murder and oppression, so I guess the Muslims are the next bunch of scumbages to make excuses for

MudWyrm said...

I think this must be a joke blog, it just goes to far in ignoring facts, can't be real. real triple Ph.d. says "I have three phds!"

Anonymous said...

Islam is love? How did you leap to that conclusion? So that means that muslims must be "lovers"... who happen to enjoy beheading "non-lovers".

I get it now. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

mudwyrm you win a cigar. clearly this is a joke blog. the good professor is an excellent troll. so completely over the top. so well versed in leftist rhetoric and POV that he can parody them in such a way that none of them would realize it and so convincingly moonbattish that many a conservative or libertarian could suffer apoplexy without realizing the fallacious nature of the postings.

5 thumbs up. would almost fall for it again.

Anonymous said...

mindless demigog.

Ward churchil already is sucking up all the anti-american money, give it up.

MudWyrm said...

Yes it excelently done, had to look at it a few times....but he links to The People's cube, which is a dead give away.
On the other hand he does a great job, I've heard ppl who sound almost like him, he manages to keep it just close enought to the real thing to be scary.

Professor Peter Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...

My students certainly know that this blog is not a joke; in fact, most are enthusiastic supporters of the progressive ideals that you read about here.

It helps that The Peoples Cube is required reading for them; there are very few other web sites that make the pure truth so accessible.

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