Sunday, February 12, 2006

Error in Last Article

Well, it appears that once again I have been deceived by an incompetent intern.

It turns out that the picture in the last article refers to American civilians attempting to inspect a Lockheed-Martin plant in California.

To which I say: Good for them! The American War Machine must be stopped immediately, and the only way to do this is with grass-roots, bottom-up, concerted people’s resistance.

For starters, the Lockheed-Martin plant has been identified as a possible terrorist target. Why should anyone be forced to live near a terrorist target in a state that did not vote for Bush? And besides, Lockheed-Martin produces hazardous waste, they manufacture Weapons of Mass Destruction, they violate international law, they probably manufacture weapons used by the Zionist state in their continuing genocide of the Palestinian people, they pose an explicit racist threat to the Muslim Community, they probably don’t run a union shop, and I would bet anything that they stock their vending machines with Coca-Cola.

We’re winning the War of Peace, people! Keep it up!

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