Monday, February 13, 2006

Headline of the Day

Reuters: Thousands would Die if US Attacked Iran: Study

First and foremost, as an academic, I know that if something is reported in a study, then it is the unequivocal truth—although I’m a little surprised that the study did not conclude that tens of millions of Iranians would die, as what has happened in Iraq.

Regardless, this grim statistic alone is sufficient reason for the USA to (somehow!) restrain itself in its continuing genocide-for-oil.

Also, do not allow dangerous right-wing fanatics to dominate this debate by claiming falsehoods such as the alternative being American cities being exterminated by Iranian nuclear weapons. As we know:

Incidentally, the source of the report is the Oxford Research Group. Their credentials as being an impartial arbiter of world affairs is best exemplified in their briefing paper on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

The Oslo peace process broke down four years ago and the return to violence has already claimed the lives of 973 Israelis and 3,747 Palestinians. Israeli forces have injured 27,484 Palestinians, confiscated 224,415 dunums of Palestinian land, razed 72,951 dunums, and are estimated to have uprooted 1,167,913 trees. The road map to peace, launched by the Quartet with so much fanfare on 2 June 2003, is in tatters. A voluntary agreement between the parties is out of the question because of the acute asymmetry of power between them: Israel is too strong and the Palestinians are too weak.

Succinct and accurate: A) More dead Palestinians than Israelis, and B) Over one million dead trees, proves that: C) There will never be an agreement becauseIsrael is too strong. And yes, I am particularly disturbed by the Israeli Tree Holocaust.

With credentials like that, it’s no wonder that Reuters saw fit to headline this study.

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