Thursday, February 23, 2006

Insult The President!

What a great idea! Insult The President!

Welcome to the insult buying page. That’s right, this is where you make the big decision to pony up $19.95 to tell the President what you really think! And what do you get for your money? We will (1) post your insult to the website, (2) send a physical letter of your insult to the President, and (3) mail you a copy of the letter with a certificate of authenticity, suitable for display.

I can’t wait to display my certified insult to Shrub alongside my PhDs! (Get it? Shrub?)

Let’s see…how would this look next to my Harvard credentials:

Dear Monkey Scum:

Did your slaves prepare your evening bath tonight? Was it in a tub of hot oil gained at the expense of our youth, our women, our minorities, and our alternative-gendered, you corrupt theocratic homicidal moron?

You’re one ugly bastard, too.


Professor Peter Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD

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