Friday, February 24, 2006

Two Week Sabbatical

My presence is needed at an academic conference, so I will be unable to post anything here until about March 8th or so. I am in very great demand, and simply have no time to do everything.

At the conference, I will be leading a symposium called: “Hitler Comparisons in Everyday Discourse; Why So Few?” My own view is that the public debate would be greatly advanced if there were more comparisons made with Nazis in general, and with Hitler in particular. As far as I know, all attendees will be in agreement on this issue, though there might be some disagreement as to when Himmler and Goebbels should also be used.

In my absence, I will be trusting the “keys” to this blog to my trusted intern and PhD candidate Kathy. She is intelligent, incisive, articulate, and diligent. Her prolific contributions will challenge your mind.

See you in two weeks.

In Solidarity,

Professor Dr. Dr. Dr. Peter Kurgman PhD PhD PhD

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