Friday, February 10, 2006

Islamic "Riots" Fault of Wal-Mart

Let's not be misleading: The recent world-wide Islamic "rioting" is legitimate form of dissent in reaction to hurtful cartoons created by insensitive Westerners. I give Muslims credit for their patience; from the establishment of a Jewish state in their vicinity to offensive beauty pageants, they have suffered an incredible amount of abuse.

Indeed, my favorite journal of thought indicates that

“There is nothing courageous about using your freedom of speech to ridicule the beliefs of one of the weakest sections of your society... Muslims were in effect being vilified twice--once through the original cartoons and then again for having the gall to protest them.”

But if we dig a little deeper, we see that the Islamic dissent was instigated by Wal-Mart. How can this be? Very simple. Who gained by the Islamic actions? Here's a hint: Have you noticed how the media have subordinated Wal-Mart's abusive behavior to stories of Islamic dissent?

I argue that since Wal-Mart has gained from Islamic dissent, then they have must have caused Islamic dissent.

If that sounds unreasonable, then think about "9/11". Remember when it was taken for granted that the planes were piloted by Saudis? Well, it didn't take long for Arab scholars to recognize that the big winner of the airplane crashes (and there is still doubt over whether The Pentagon crash actually happened) was Israel. They concluded, quite reasonable, that since the Zionists gained from the crashes, then the Zionists caused the crashes.

If Wal-Mart gained by Islamic dissent, then Wal-Mart caused Islamic dissent.

At a minimum, Wal-mart must come clean about this.

(What a joke. We are still waiting for Wal-Mart to come clean about abusing their own employees! These are people who have been forced to work at Wal-Mart despite better opportunities elsewhere, and then have to endure low wages, discrimination, and arson attacks!)

A good second step should be quantifiable amends.

We the people demand that Wal-Mart:

  • Pay reparations to the Palestinian people,
  • Immediately terminate all business with countries that displayed the highly offensive cartoons,
  • Adopt Sharia laws in their remaining stores, and finally,
  • Voluntarily self-liquidate, and provide lifetime financial security to anyone who they have ever employed.

We the people will not rest until justice has been served.

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