Saturday, February 11, 2006

Precapitalist Discourse and Neotextual Deconstructivist Theory

Some people are perplexed by the difference between my engaging rhetorical qualities and my more complex contributions in the academic world.

This seeming conflict can be reconciled if one considers that in my blog, I am addressing a lay audience -- perhaps educated, but in no way positioned to comprehend the intricacies of my advanced thought processes. But for those who are so inclined to attempt a venture into the mind of complex intellectual thought, I will now present a particularly timely excerpt from one of my recent lectures. Needless to say, my pupils find my insights invaluable.

Capitalist pretextual theory holds that context comes from communication, given that Marx’s essay on constructivism is valid. “Society is part of the absurdity of culture,” says Marx. The subject is contextualised into a cultural Marxism that includes narrativity as a totality. However, if Baudrillardist hyperreality holds, we have to choose between precapitalist discourse and neotextual deconstructivist theory. And thus, a number of deappropriations concerning the absurdity, and therefore the collapse, of semantic sexual identity exist. In a sense, the subject is interpolated into a surrealism that includes truth as a totality, and is faced with a choice: either reject surrealism or conclude that art is capable of intention, given that truth is interchangeable with reality.

I am, all modesty aside, without equal. But with that said, I did find an interesting paper on the Internet that almost comes close to the quality of my research. My understanding is that this paper also won a very high honor from a respectable journal. Intriguing. I admire the author.

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Force Tube Avenue said...

Dr. Kurgman,

Dr. Sokol, the author of the article you admire, seems 2 PhDs short of you. Despite that, I admire the professor; his biography states that he taught "during the Sandinista government, at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua".

Dr. Sokol is rightly proud of his contribution to the international progressive movement. He must be galled by teaching in the United States under this neoimperialist, fascist regime.

I'll bet Dr. Sokol dreams of setting sail from Miami in an innertube to reach the People's Republic of Cuba. There, he can teach in a truly egalitarian society, with universal health care (and no Wal-Marts).

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