Sunday, February 12, 2006

McDonalds Video Game: Exposing Evil while Having Fun

I generally frown upon students playing games, as their time would be better spent studying my writings. But with that said, here’s one game that I can recommend—and have enjoyed playing myself.

It’s called The McDonald’s Video Game, and the object is to operate your own McDonald’s restaurant so that you can se first-hand what this business is all about.

Whether you’re a student, an accomplished professor with multiple doctorates , or a child, you can have fun -- while learning the “dirty secrets” that made McDonald’s successful, such as feeding cows industrial waste, destroying rainforests, filling cows with hormones that will pose health risks to consumers, and how the only reason anyone eats at McDonald’s is because the are persuaded by slick advertising.

Myself, being a vegan on his way to being a freegan, I would never consider eating any organic matter anyway (except in the “organic” aisle of the food co-op).

Update: If you don't like games, you can simply take direct action against McDonald's instead.

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