Monday, March 06, 2006

Do You Wish to Offend Me? You are Hitler!

Well, my conference is over, and it went relatively well -- though with a few troublesome areas. Specifically, in one seminar, I insisted that it is the obligation of those who know truth to immediately compare their adversaries with Hitler. And, to my surprise, one professor in attendance disagreed with me -- claiming that it is preferable to immediately file a lawsuit instead!

Well, of course any professor of good standing should file a lawsuit against those who disagree with him/her, but this must have a moral foundation -- and thus the comparison with Hitler must first be made.

And frankly, I was offended by this disagreement.

And so, I quickly (and correctly) targeted the dissenting professor as being one of "Hitler's stormtroopers".

And then I had him evicted because his speech offended me.

Have we learned nothing about the power of words to hurt and offend? Have we learned nothing from the cartoon blasphemy against The Prophet?

I, for one, have learned. I have learned that, as a victim, I will no longer tolerate offensive speech.

My students have already been apprised of this. From now on, I will consider any classroom disagreement with my learned opinions as being offensive, and subject to academic discipline.

Yes, this is about me and my feelings. And about tolerance towards me. Offensive speech will no longer be permitted.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should have read this first? Still, I am here to learn.

Please allow me to appologise?

It has to be said though, I'm chuffed there is still more of you to read.


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