Monday, March 27, 2006

An Open Letter to Zacarias Moussaoui

Dear Zac (if I may call you that):

My name is Professor Peter Alan Kurgman, and I am a progressive altruist/thinker who sees better things for humanity. I also happen to have three doctorates -- but please do not be intimidated by that! (Very often, people think I am much smarter than they are, and will therefore shy away. This, as you will see, is nonsense. Shying away only inhibits their ability to be nurtured by me.)

I am of two minds about you. On one hand, the optimist in me would like you to attend my my classes. On the other hand, the realist in me wants you to run for Congress. Of course, you can attend my classes while I coach you on your political aspirations, but regardless, I am compelled to let you know that you have many admirers in Amerika.

And now, although you are modest, I will request that you indulge my wish to enumerate your positive qualities:

1) You wanted to destroy the White House. Yes, we all want to destroy the White House, but you were actually prepared to carry it out! On the downside, without a White House, we wouldn't have known where to stage last weekend's protests -- but your cause was nevertheless just.

2) You want to kill all Jews and destroy the United States. This is strong language to be sure, but it's a credit to your rhetorical skills that you can make such forceful statements. You are clearly familiar with (and maybe even a member of!) the movement for Voluntary Human Extinction.

3) You are standing up to the Amerikan judicial system and are acting as your own attorney. There is no higher calling than the legal profession (except, of course for social science academics) and we already know that you would have made an extraordinary lawyer. But beyond that, you are standing up to the Christianist-controlled courts! If you would only take the Bar exam, you could join the fight against the Ten Commandments defacing our courthouses, and instead help us focus on true diversity.

4) You are a man of honest faith. Anyone who criticizes you is also criticizing Islam, which is a blatantly racist attempt to insult, repress and legitimize oppression over resistance.

5) You are a warm Sun Person, a true Person of Color; i.e., a living, sensitive being who appreciated the diversity of our planet, and is concerned with the human specie-cide of creating anxiety among hatching fish within 500 miles of urban areas.

Zac, please contact me so I can arrange to have some of my students spend time in your cell; I think that they can learn a lot from you after about a month or so. In fact, I will make it a course requirement. Please think about it; I know that your shared concern for Earth and its inhabitants will say "yes"!

In Solidarity,

Dr. Prof. Peter Alan Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD

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