Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Prisoners are Released: Another Civil Rights Victory

Peeps, we are going to smash this filthy corporate state after all! As we are now pulverizing it in Portland OR, where the Multnomah County jail is releasing “convicted” “criminals” because of a lack of jail beds!

Welcome to The Resistance, gentlemen (and ladies) who were victimized, brutalized, and exploited by the fascists “in charge” and their pig police forces doing their thuggish dirty work for them. You have earned your freedom! And dammit, get yourselves some good public lawyers and fight for compensation from those evil bastards.

Releasing “criminals” has a rich tradition, from Fidel’s release of almost 1000 prisoners for the Mariel Boatlift in 1980 to Saddam Hussein’s releasing 9000 prisoners in 2002. Fidel, Saddam, and Portland OR – three amazing visions of civil rights.

Just look at the beautiful faces pictured above. Remember them, for they are our true models of people’s rights -- the very embodiment of honesty, intelligence, and compassion. They are human!

They fought for you, now you must fight for them.

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