Saturday, March 11, 2006

UN: USA Guilty of Native American Genocide

Did you know that I am a Native American? It's true! I was told at a young age that the mother of my mother's father was a Person of Native Ancestry, which therefore makes me a Native American. This was also confirmed by my physician when I asked for a blood test to confirm my heritage.

"Doctor," he said to me (while clearly envious that I have three times as many PhDs as he has "MD"s), there is no need for a blood test. Your very presence emanates the noble dignity and suffering that only a Person of Native Being can have.

And so I received medical confirmation of what I already knew. Of course, any refutation of my ancestry would be the equivalent of calling my mother a liar -- to say nothing of directly contradicting me! And I would find that offensive, and therefore intolerable.

Why do I bring this up? To be sure, it's to remind you that in addition to my impeccable academic credentials, I also have an inner wisdom that functions on a level that white colonists cannot grasp. It's a spiritual dignity, complex yet human, that was handed down from generations of exploitation, abuse, and genocide. And yet, we, the Native Peoples, continue to be the conscience of humankind.

Which brings me to the beautiful justice of the United Nations finding The United States guilty of violating Native American rights and racism.

A United Nations Committee took the rare step Friday of assailing the U.S. government for violating Native Americans' land rights and said Washington had run afoul of an international anti-racism treaty. The independent Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) said Friday it had ''credible information alleging that the Western Shoshone indigenous people are being denied their traditional rights to land'' and asked federal authorities to cease all activities on tribal land--including efforts to set up commercial mining operations.

This battle has been going on for quite some time, but we've seen a dramatic increase in the federal government and the companies' rush to finalize what they consider a settlement in order to get a hold of our lands for activities that are contaminating our water and our air,'' said tribal leader Steven Brady.


1. "Brady" is an especially authentic Native name. Unlike me, he probably had no need for an authenticating blood test.

2. It's about time that the United Nations realized that the world has racist regimes besides The Zionist Entity.

And then we have:

Shoshone representatives said they went before the UN panel because they had exhausted all other legal options to prevent the U.S. government from taking over their ancestral lands, adding that federal operations there already had disrupted their traditional life and threatened their health and environment.

3. I dissent; the Shoshone still have the option of martyrdom operations. Since they do not a giant military like the U.S. Army, they are morally entitled to resist with suicide bombers.

4. To amend for the extermination of my people, I intend to open a casino on campus. If the administration objects, then they will face the wrath of an offended tenured racial victim.

I hate The United States.

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