Friday, March 10, 2006

And John Wayne Gacy Might Have Made a Decent Baby Sitter

Here's something refreshing: An honest look at the good qualities of people who we are quick to defame. Specifically, I am referring to Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called "twentieth hijacker", who is accused of plotting the so-called "9/11 terrorist attacks" on the so-called "World Trade Center".

Read these thoughtful words about Mr. Moussaoui from CBS correspondent Andrew Cohen:

He might have made a decent attorney had he not chosen all the wrong paths in life...Moussaoui came across Wednesday — for almost the whole day — as a personable if overwhelmed guy trying to defend himself against the might of the entire government...He came off as human, with a personality, and there was even laughter in the courtroom at times.

Well, of course Mr. Moussaoui comes across as being human. After all, he is a Sun Person -- warm, honest, intelligent, and giving. But more to the point, congratulations to Andrew Cohen and CBS for having the bravery to print these words about Mr. Moussaoui. Although Mr. Cohen now runs the risk of a sentence and daily beatings at Abu Grhaib for going against the establishment, he nevertheless spoke truth to power.

But why can't we, as a society and as a caring community, publicize the caring qualities of our other allies. Sure, we all know that Tookie Williams wrote children's books, and that Mumia is of the people, but what of:

Jeffrey Dahmer's potential as a pediatric surgeon?

David Berkowitz's potential as a marriage counselor? (And can't we forgive him already?)

John Wayne Gacy's potential as a day-care center operator?

Had they not selected the "wrong paths in life", they might have all been pretty decent at those careers! And remember that (despite being white) they too were human, had personality, and often evoked laughter. And in Mr. Gacy’s case, children's laughter!

I only fail to understand why Mr. Cohen claims that Mr. Moussaoui would have made a decent attorney. I think he would have made a much better airline pilot.


Chief Inspector Dreyfus said...

Where is that bumbling idiot Clouseau? (twitch twitch) I hear he's masquerading as a Jihadi terrorist suspect. The man is insane...muhahahah...(twitch, blink)

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes of course! And Hitler(PBUH) could have been a great artist like Rembrandt or an architect like R. Buckminster Fuller. What a pity! Such a waste for mankind. If only we had just calmly listened to him and had given him a chance......

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