Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day 2006: Immigrants Rights!

Yes, we are a nation of immigrants – except that the newest immigrants are treated worse than slaves.

And that’s why I am pleased to see that the immigrants are taking it to the streets! Solidarity with Iran and Palestine…YES!

It reminds me of Russian immigrants waving hammers and sickles as they arrived in Amerika. It reminds me of Cuban immigrants chanting “Fidel! Fidel!” as they arrived in Miami in inner tubes. It even reminds me of the 1940s Japanese immigrant rallies in California (“Tojo! Tojo!”) and the spontaneous outbursts of support for Hitler on Ellis Island among the recent arrivals from Europe.

But today’s immigrants are more deserving of respect, because

A) They are minorities.

B) They did not kowtow to the Amerikan authorities for “official permission” to live here.

They know, like you know and I know, that citizens of all countries have the right – no, the obligation – to make demands on the United States. And that this obligation extends to making their demands on Amerikan soil!

If only the rest of the world could figure out how to come here to demand things from Amerikans! Sure, anyone from Mexico can simply walk over the border. But to be fair, shouldn’t we extend a similar invitation to the people of great nations like Togo, Cameroon -- and of course Saudi Arabia and Palestine?

Incidentally, I am becoming displeased with the New York Times. Why do they only show pictures of immigrants waving American flags, like this:

Why do they hide the Che pictures?

In any event, economic theory proves that the best way to improve the lot of immigrants is to force employers to pay them union-scale wages and benefits. When something is expensive, it means it’s worth a lot. And when Mexican workers become expensive, employers will realize how much Mexican dish washers are really worth.

Just remember -- these are grass-roots spontaneous peoples’ protests!

"Their fight is not only for recognition and respect for their own rights, but for each and every working person here who is under attack by greedy corporations that wage war at home and abroad to meet their insatiable thirst for profits. What workers won in past struggles is being taken away."

Capitalism…no! Imperialism…no! Socialism…now and forever!

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Force Tube Avenue said...


When I see the immigrants proudly waving the image of Che, I realize that these unfortunates are really unhappy about having to settle for Amerika.

Were it not for the waters of the Caribbean, they would all have escaped Mexico to seek a better life in Havana, to partake of the fruits of Che's revolution (in their mother tongue, no less!).

I share their frustration. Damn the white Anglo male capitalists!

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