Sunday, April 30, 2006

Darfur: Help the People of Color!

It's clear that the United States must immediately intervene to stop the genocide in Darfur. Out of Iraq, out of Iran, and into Darfur.

Why? Because it is our opportunity to save the world's oppressed without any benefit to the piggish louts who live in America.

Similarly, I was very much in favor of President William Clinton bypassing Congress and of course bypassing the United Nations when he launched a bombing capaign on Serbia in order to "make the world safer for the 21st century."

(Well, at least the world was made safer until chimpanzee Bush made it dangerous again.)

Fact is, I was very concerned about the oppressed Bosnians, even if they do appear to be white. But most of all, Amerika really had little to gain by this bombing. This is altruism in the best sense, and it is why we did not stage any protests.

Remember: In all interventions, we must never gain, and we must always protect people of color. From Rwanda to South Africa to Palestine, we must be vigilant.

We are their patrons, and we must protect them.

I think I'll greet a black person on my way home today; they like it when we do that!

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