Monday, May 08, 2006

Movie Review: United 93

I saw United 93 today, and I am angry. Angry at Amerika. Angry at Christians. And most of all, angry at Bush.

I know, I are thinking: "But wasn't the whole 9/11 fiasco just a big hoax perpetrated by the CIA and the Zionists?"

Well, of course it was. But let's put that aside and look at the movie as though it represented a true story.

In essence, the film is very simplistic -- and hence it was produced for simpletons. That is, it presents two sides: The passengers and the so-called "hijackers". Regrettably, it employs the crudest forms of racism to portray the hijackers as the "bad guys". In fact, from the moment of the hijacking, the passengers exhibit the cruelest racial stereotypes to demonize the hijackers. Rather than accepting them as fellow humans, they view them suspiciously, and show explicit signs of fear and anger. One can only guess at how much better the hijackers would be treated if they were white and Christian! Did you know that Timothy McVeigh was white? Yes he was!

But then, not once do we see the world from the hijackers' perspective. In the film, the hijackers are confronted by rich capitalist swines in the first-class cabin -- who represent every vile aspect of this society from the exploitation of working people to profiteering to transgenderphobia. Who cannot but sympathize with the hijackers who see this society as the major contributor to climate change? Who cannot but relate to the hijackers' awareness of our cruel healthcare system that leaves children dying in the streets? In a society that so coldly turns away immigrants, who cannot help but feel the hijackers' rage?

But regardless of how you feel about the hijackers and their racist portrayal, the proverbial elephant in the movie is Bush -- or rather, his absence. Where was Bush? There is tension in the skies and Bush is nowhere to be found; the evidence of Bush's complicity is damning. Where was Bush? A Crusade erupts near the end of the movie, as the Christians attack the hijackers...and...Where was Bush?

The fact is that Bush knew. And his absence allowed the atrocities to occur.

In the end, the Christians disrupt the plane's trajectory, and it dives to the Earth. The pure virgin soil of Pennsylvania is fouled by this environmental catastrophe, and once again I ask: Where was Bush?

The movie ended, and I got up to leave, bored.

Yes, I cried when I saw Fahrenheit 911 -- I am always touched by Michael Moore's sensitive portrayal of pressing social issues. And I will tell you that United 93 is no Farenheit 911.

Incidentally, almost all the air-traffic controllers, the military, and the passengers in the movie were white. It was as though it was produced by the KKK itself. Now I think I know where Bush was.


shlemazl said...


This sounds like you've been watching one too many Harrison Ford movies.

When this was going on Mr President was gathering the breast and the bravest to be in shape for the forthcoming fight.

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