Thursday, May 25, 2006

Solve the Riddle!

Here's a cartoon that someone sent to me. Can you solve the riddle?

Here are my guesses:

1) These are two people of color (probably Latinos) who will be victims of systemic Amerikan racism.

2) Wal-Mart refused them health benefits.

3) Despite their healthy lifestyle, the capitalist damage to the ozone layer will kill them.

4) As gay men, they have been infected by the AIDS virus -- probably planted surreptitiously by Zionists.

5) The Bush/Cheney/Christian/capitalist war machine will kill them.

6) They are immigrants and therefore face genocide.

7) Their lives will be cut short by police brutality.

8) They are Palestinians about to be murdered by Jews.

9) They will be killed by globalization.

10) They are freedom fighters at Gitmo, facing execution.


Don said...

They look nasty, brutal, and short to me.

No doubt they are inmates on Deathg Row in prison. Innocent of all crimes, needless to say.

Anonymous said...

Come on, there's nothing riddly about it

saba said...

i dont see a woman in the cartoon..thats why they dont live after thirty women!

Chris in MB said...

Damn, I think saba's got it!

I know I would have been dead by 21 in this situation.

Anonymous said...

They aint on this planet....

Bensilly said...

I wanna quit smoking,will you hypnotize me?

Anonymous said...

Was the average life-span on the Stone Age 30 years? After thousands of years of "high" civilization it was some 40 years at 1800.

Then came capitalism, and now the life-span is 60 years even in "poor" developing countries. Also the socialist countries are much more rich than they would be if they had not had the chance to import the fruits of capitalism: techonology, innovations and capital, including better drugs and tools.

Juan said...

There is no riddle. They live in a healthy environment because their society has healthy, sustainable life-spans.

Only those that live in a paternalistic society of sick materialism and greed, ie: suffering from classical alienation, would find riddle with that cartoon.

I would hope that most people would see that cartoon and experience a form of satori - I'm certain it was created with that liberating experience in mind.

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