Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hillary and Speed Limits

I'll probably support Hillary in '08, but I wonder whose side she is on when she recommends a 55 mph speed limit. Certainly not the side of the people!

Our natural pace is a 3 mph walk; anything higher is an
affront to humanity. Sure, the body count will be lower at 55 mph compared with 65 mph -- but think of the corpses piling up when 55 mph is compared with 45 mph. And if you think that 45 mph is "safe", well, think of how much emptier the morgues would be with a 35 mph limit. And so forth.

There can be no compromise with safety. Even if o
nly one life is saved, if only one beautiful young child will be allowed to blossom into a beautiful older child, then we must abolish all cars. And if you think otherwise, then let the blood of that innocent child be on your hands. I, for one, will continue to have a clear conscience -- as clear as the day I was born.

But that's just the start. With an obscene 55 mph speed limit...

- We will continue to choke on lethal auto exhaust.
- The most vulnerable among us, the Sun People, will continue to fall vicitim to white people driving too fast.
- There will continue to be no inducement for priviliged capitalists to squeeze onto public transportation vehicles filled with the aromatic fragrance of perspiring working people.
- 99% of all land will continue to be the domain of the auto
- Our farmland shortage and the food crisis will be exacerbated.
- Health care will be diminished even further.
- Male hegemony will finally be complete.
- Bush will solidify his Christian theocracy.
- A nuclear holocaust must follow.

Are you listening, Hillary? Or are you a child murderer?

I repeat: This is what we need:

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shlemazl said...

Think of it this way: the faster you drive, the more petrol you spend. The more petrol you spend, the more dollars go to our friends Saudis and Iranians.

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