Thursday, June 08, 2006

Murdering Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

This grotesque bloodlust following the senseless murder of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is making me physically ill. Look, people, a human being was murdered. Does this not mean anything to you? Can't we follow the example of Michael Berg, the father of "decapitated" Nick Berg?

"The death of every human being is a tragedy," Michael Berg said in a statement.

"The death of Mr. Zarqawi means a continuation of the violence and revenge that took the life of my son," he said.

"This will mean an increase in violence and resistance to the occupation of Iraq by the US military."

"How could a human being be glad that another human being is dead?" he said.

Did not Mr. al-Zarqawi have friends? Relatives? Work associates? How devastated must they all be! Do they not deserve our tears of sympathy?

But the depraved Amerikkkan culture rejoices in these racist attacks on our betters; and it is my sad fate to be prisoner in this sick country.

And now you ask, "Professor Kurgman, what can we do to heal the pain of this atrocity?"

I hear this question and weep. I weep for the anguish of a world that is captive to the murderous impulses of a deranged United States. And I weep for the earnest efforts of the wonderful Sun People to improve our tiny part of the greater ecospace -- only to be ruthlessly demolished by the greedy fist of capitalism and Christianity, the synergistic marriage of racism and oppression.

Therefore, we must continue to resist. My role in this resistance is to contact my legal-aid lawyers to file a class-action suit on behalf of the planet's progressives who were emotionally devastated by this execution-without-trial. In short: The plaintiffs will be The People! And the defendant will be the United States of Amerikkka, with a secondary lawsuit directed at the personal assets of George Bush and his entire family of murdering racist pigs. Yes, they will (undeservedly) have the benefit of due process, something that was denied to Mr. al-Zarqawi. Yes, Bush, the Bill of Rights of your foul country applies to everyone, not just your moneyed cronies. You cannot direct your brown-shirt thugs to roam the planet, murdering at will.

To the People of Iraq: Keep resisting; we are with you! Solidarity! Smash Amerikka! Smash the Zionist entity!


shlemazl said...

One shouldn't say anything bad when someone dies. Therefore we all say:

"Zarqawi is dead. Good.".

Papa John said...


If you really are who you say you are, you've spent too much time in Academia/ eggheadland.

Try roaming the battlefield instead of the library.

You are yet another reason why the LLL lives up to its reputation: Loony.

shlemazl said...


Since yesterday I have read a lot of articles copying the exact phrases from this post. I just laughed, because I read it here first.

You should really defend your copyright, Prof., because Toronto Star et al did not acknowledge where they got the ideas from.

Professor Peter Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...

Yes, Mr. Shlemazl, I noticed that, too.

Here, for example, is an obvious pupil of mine:

"I would have no problem with people rejoicing in al-Zarqawi's capture. To rejoice in his murder is inappropriate, and by doing so we stoop to his level. Terrorists kill, civilized people apprehend criminal suspects and bring them before a court."

Laika the Space Dog said...

Yes, Michael Berg is right.
Comrade Stalin agrees:

A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.

The evil Amerikkkans just murdered a great statistician.

Bensilly said...

To the peeps of Iraq: al-Q is dead.
Serious hurt.

~ha ha ~

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