Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Supreme Court Says: "Fuck Bush!"

Here is my favorite PhD candidate, Kathy, commenting on yesterday’s monumental indictment of Warmonger-in-Chief, Bush, for raping the Geneva Convention by holding people of color in the extermination camps of Guantanamo.


the supreme court says, like, fuck bush! i mean, like, the only thing that confuses me is that we have like, a supreme court? and, like, iran (or iraq?) has a supreme leader? and i like, sometimes lose track between the supreme court and the supreme leader? i mean, like, the concept of “logic” is, like, so sexist? like, testosterone farm? fuck you and your fuck your testosterone, ok?

so like i’m spending my summer collecting money for greenpeace in front of starbucks, ok, because the ruling class? in starbucks? gives me a lot of money? i mean, like, i totally hate starbucks? like the rich people in there should just totally die or something. and like those guys who give me money, you know, just want to look at my boobs, like they’re, you know, really disgusting republican sexist monsters? the worst are the pigs who run starbucks, because you know how much they really hate women, like they think we’re, like, fucking animals or something! i just so hate starbucks, i want them to die.

anyway, the most important thing is that we, like, save the environment, because, like, president gore proved that people like the ones who run starbucks are like making our planet like really hot? and like, i like, like hot weather, because, you know, everyone is like so cool when it’s, like, hot? i mean, everyone’s out and they can see my tattoo that says “this is the bush I’m voting for” and my other tattoo on my left boob that says “fuck bush” because, you know, like, it’s like, so expressive?

so i took a break in starbucks and i like ordered a really big drink, but you know, i was reading about the calories in starbucks drinks, and they like so want to make us, like totally fat? like this is how they express their hatred to women? but I’m all, like, in solidarity with the employees because you know they’re like so abused and their job is like, so demeaning? i mean, i would so never do that kind of shit work. they’re slaves ok, so i ask them anyway to contribute to greenpeace or give me a free drink because i get really hot out there raising, like, peoples awareness? of, like how nothing is more dangerous that environmental abuse?

but this time, I told them about, like the geneva convention and like who is geneva anyway? that name is so not a person of color. it's like the way they name, like, hurricanes? after white people like katrina and, like, you know, other white people? but geneva said that you can’t hold slaves, and bush was holding slaves, and like, starbucks? is, like, holding their employees as slaves? So, ur so not going 2 believe this, but, like the starbucks employees are like all “who cares” and brainwashed, like, like fucking fascists.

well, fuck them. i mean, like, i can be a real bitch, ok? so i totally did not pay for my drink. fuck them! fuck bush!

u know y? cause bush goes to africa, and brings, like, slaves to amerikkka. and the amerikkkan supreme leader was so, like, “fuck bush”, and “bush, u can’t do that.” yeah, and it’s worse than that because, like? mumia? is still in prison? and like everyone in this, like whole, fucking amerikkka is, like, a slave? and, like geneva needs to free us all?

so we need to be in the streets, like fighting the power and shit? i'll kick the balls out of any rich slave-owning white guy. like, i so wish i wasn’t white? like, i’m a white slave? so, like geneva is so not enough? i mean, like, fuck geneva!

fuck bush!

fuck you!


Don said...

Like, what wit, youknow, what lucidity, like what courage! Like wow! And only a PhD candidate?!!!!

Like, she has the potential some day to surpass even Ward Churchill! Like get more 'money calls' than that little wanker who writes for the Times! To earn 4 PhDs! Like - what groovy colors. What was it in that test tube labled LSD, you know, like? Like wow, man!

Professor Kurgman, I think your duty is clear. You and the PhD committee must show equal courage to this brilliant young woman and say 'Fuck the fucking disseration! We're giving her tenure! Now!'

Juan said...

Thank you so much for your refreshing insights. I never knew a young person could be such an original thinker. No wonder you're at the top of your class. You are proof positive that ours is the side of humanity, generosity, and progress. You go, girl! Keep up the good work.

Lexcen said...

and I thought the younger generation were shallow, like, wasn't I sooooo wrong, I think I'll wear a hair shirt in penury for my sins against, like society and stuff and for making the world into such a terrible place to live in like, pollution and wars and stuff like its sooooo uncool...

shlemazl said...


Great to see you back! You don't get an 'A' though.

You did not even mention that "Starbucks is one of the most dangerous Zionist-terrorism tools in the world!."

Better luck next time.

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