Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What Are Our Rights?

What are "rights"? What are our rights?

What do we mean when we say that people have a "right" to something?

That's a good question I just raised.

Simply put, a "right" is something that you are entitled to. Many countries have constitutions that enumerate rights. For example, the United States has a few piddling "rights" -- most of which are routinely ignored by the nation's fascist ruling class.

So let's look at a better example, like the 1936 U.S.S.R. Constitution. The rights of the Soviet people were exhaustive; they included the right to:

- Work
- Rest
- Leisure (Reduced work weeks, paid vacations, and more!)
- Free health care
- Free education
- Free child care
- Free religious worship
- Freedom of anti-religious propaganda
- Free speech
- Free press
- Freedom of assembly and protest
- Freedom to form trade unions, cooperative associations, youth organizations, sport and defense organizations, cultural, technical and scientific societies

And in addition, the Soviet people were guaranteed gender equity, protection from racial and ethnic discrimination, and complete privacy!

In the 1990s, the great Soviet People were finally worn down by the incessant attacks of the fascists, and are now only beginning to recover their precious rights of generations ago.

But other countries still grant all of the rights encoded in their constitutions. The Cuban Constitution, for example, guarantees schooling, healthcare, access to culture and sports, comfortable housing, and much, much, much more.

And yet, the United States, as an "imperialist, is the promoter and supporter of all fascist, colonialist, neocolonialist and racist manifestations, is the main force of aggression and of war, and the worst enemy of the people." And yes, that quote is taken directly from the Cuban Constitution. And it is accurate.

How can Amerika change? For starters, by granting more rights. Believe it or not, there is almost nothing in the Amerikan constitution that guarantees the people's rights to all of what is available (free and guaranteed!) in socialist states. Where is the right to our free health care? Our free housing? Our free food? Where is our constitutional guarantee that everyone be treated equally -- regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ability, skills, education, prison history, and so many more aspects of us that are routinely used by others to form unwarranted judgments?

All it takes is a signature to make these things happen. A law promising the RIGHT to free food will result in the immediate abundance of food in everyone's home. And a law promising the RIGHT to free money will result in universal wealth. But, no, the crushing Christian theocracy that rules Amerika will not give us these rights. They say, "You are not entitled!" Really? Well, they are not permanently entitled to keep us down. I have a dream. We will fight -- and we will smash capitalism, Christianity, exploitation, oppression, and Zionism.

These are out rights.


Juan said...

Brilliant! Simply brilliant! Bravissimo!

Perhaps someday we'll be able to use the Cuban consititution as an example to rewrite our own. Until then, all right-thinking people can make copies of the Cuban constitution with the words "United States" superimposed over "Cuba." Hand them out to the masses on the streets. When people read it and see clear simple truths and what Amerika could be it will bring about a new revolutionary conciousness in our society.

Simple acts of Struggle such as handing out things like that are just as Revolutionary as armed Struggle.

I have two bumper stickers. "Your car is immoral you Imperialist pig!" and "COMMIT A SIMPLE ACT OF STRUGGLE TODAY"

Professor, thank-you for yours.

Don said...

A truly just Constitution is merely the first step. We must have a Peoples Republic formed on the principal of justice and equity embodied in Cuba.

I would like to suggest a single improvement based in part upon what Plato should have called Philosopher-Servants (of the People of course).

The people's rights to elect the Leader will be unabridged - but limited to only the most qualified, both on grounds of ideological purity abd correct doctrine - but also the discipline of years of preparation.

In practice this means that parts of the government requiring inspiration should be reserved to those who have repeatedly proven their intellectual brilliance through earning multiple PhDs. Three is a good number for the Leader - one could scarcely be considered qualified with less learning than that!

Positions of lesser importance such as the administrator of the Department of (Re)Education should be handled by those of humbler qualifications but a purity of revolutionary purpose such as (ahem). The last thing needed in these positions are deviationists who will sully the clear Will of the People by insisting on imposing their own errors as opposes to the Leader's... er, Decisions, I mean.

I stand ready to serve the Revolution and the Leader with fire and zeal, taking all guidance from the will of the People as embodied by the Leader's Thought!

Don said...

As is well known, Hollywood is the despicable font of the Amerikkkan propaganda machine. Yet even in this pit of inequality two brave men have finally gathered the courage to point out the final crumbling of the foul cultural domination of the degenerate imperialist hegenomists:

These brave thinkers (foul capitalist scum that they are) lucidly show the connection between Danish cartoonists, censorship of aging British Rockers, Japanese disdain for Chinese actresses, and righteous Muslim outrage against an Indonesian pornographic magazine and draw the obvious conclusion:

Amerikkkan capitalism has entered it's final death spiral as predicted by Karl Marx in 'The 18th Broomcloset'!

Bravo! It will be most saddening when the time comes to be required to liquidate these class enemies.

Don said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Don said...

The "Shining Path" to the comerades work was sabotaged by an agent of the CIA. Interrogations are in progress and we expect to find and punish multiple Tools of the Yankee Hegenomists forthwith. In the meantime this is the true path....


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