Saturday, July 08, 2006

Craigslist: Worse Than Nazis

As reported in March, the Chicago's Lawyers' Committee is suing Craigslist for violations of federal housing discrimination laws; here are more details.

Apparently, Craigslist has been publishing classified advertisements that show explicit prefeference based on race, color, religion, sex, familial status, and national origin.

There are 141 examples of such discrimination in the complaint, citing ads including human rights atrocities such as:

- "Neighborhood is predominantly Caucasion, Polish, and Hispanic."

- "All in a vibrant southwest Hispanic neighborhood offering great Mexican culture."

- "The neighborhood is orthodox Jewish for the most part with temples nearby."

- "Very quiet street opposite church."

- "Perfect place for city single."

- "Perfect for young couples."

- "Great for a single young professional or a couple."

- "Terrific 16-unit young professional building."

- "Excellent place for a single or couple."

Am I the only person who realizes that there is no difference between Craigslist and Nazis, except that Nazis are at least honest about their intentions?

In order to remedy this situation, Craigslist will be told to:

A) Desist from publishing discriminatory ads.

B) Develop and disseminate a non-discrimination policy that will include rules, stipulations, and applicable legalities. [I trust that there will be a 250-page lower limit on this document - Prof K]

C) Post a summary of this non-discrimination policy on their every web page.

D) Include a summary of this non-discrimination policy on all emails.

E) Place the phrase "Equal Housing Opportunity" on their every advertisement and correspondence.

F) Report the name of anyone seeking to place a discriminatory ad to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and also to The Chicago Lawyer's Committee. [My favorite remedy, but why not report them to the IRS as well? - Prof K]

G) Provide website links to HUD and The Chicago Lawyer's Committee.

H) Delete accounts of any user who attempts to post a discriminatory ad. [I am assuming that this will include bank accounts. - Prof K]

I) Install screening software to prevent the placememt of discriminatory ads.

J) Send their employees to training at HUD or the National Fair Housing Alliance. [Re-education, the root of corrective behavior. - Prof K]

K) Compensate the Chicago Lawyer's Committee for expenses incurred for their monitoring of Craigslist.

L) Develop a fund to educate others on fair housing laws.

M) Pay attorneys' fees, actual damages, compensatory damages, punitive damages, and other damages.

I seriously doubt that these remedies will be enough. No remedy will ever be enough, in fact, because Craigslist has committed irreversible and permanent damage to the most vulnerable among us: Discrimination victims. Perhaps in the future, the Korean missiles will successfully hit their targets in Amerikkka, and thus wipe out history's greatest source of oppression; Craigslist and Amerikkka both make me ill.

And the racist thugs who advertise on Craigslist must also be corrected; perhaps a reverse class-action suit can be brought against the entire class of Craigslist bigots. But for now, the good news is that this will not end with Craigslist; apparently, is next. And it is only a matter of time until gets what is coming to them.

With freedom comes strict guidelines for behavior; violators are our enemies. And we will demand total compliance with the will of the community; uncooperative subversives like Craigslist and their advertisers will be dealt with as the plundering fascists that they are. The community will act as one: One group (though with many cultures), one people (though with diversity), with one goal -- complete equality and human interchangeability where every outcome is identical, and therefore without tastes, preferences, and desires.

I loathe Amerikkka.


shlemazl said...


Sorry. I meant to say that I admire Chicago lawyers. I noticed that they are asking for donations on their website. I gave them some change for their great effort.

Bensilly said...

I gave them the finger

Juan said...

It's abuses like this that've spurred activists across the country to demand a nationalized press. Only a socialized press can guarantee our civil rights.

Anonymous said...

There is freedom in simplicity. That so-called Craig violated the public trust by shirking his duty to the Party and the glorious roadmap of Socialist Realism. It is madman like Craig that lead humanity back into the abyss of mental complexity. Justice demands he be silenced!

The people have spoken with unanimity! Trial? Why wait? The justice system was not made for swine like that so-called Craig. As a first step, the people demand that so-called Craig be purged from all search engines and web archives. Delay is not progressive.

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