Monday, July 31, 2006

My Busy Schedule and The Revolution

Yes, I have a busy schedule this week, what with attending the Lebanon and Gaza Under Siege forum in Palo Alto tomorrow, the Anti-Minutemen Meeting in Fremont, and the climax…

The Shame on Israel! Stop the Bombing! Protest in Downtown Santa Cruz. We finally found your WMDs, Bush, you lying bastard.

Despite international outcry, Israel, in cahoots with the United States continues to massacre civilians through the use of banned chemical weapons such as white phosphorous and conventional weapons such as cluster bombs.

But the good news is that my colleagues on the other coast are hard at work, fighting for justice: Petition Deriding ‘Israel's Aggression' Is Being Circulated by NYU Activists.

"The assumption here that it's Hezbollah that began this is ridiculous," one of the NYU professors who added his name, Bertell Ollman, said yesterday.

My juices are really flowing now. Fight for justice! Resist the fascists! Smash the Zionist-occupied Global Amerikkkan Empire and their fat-cat corporate oil-gorged Christian theocracy! People Power! People Power! People Power!

I smell The Revolution, peeps, and this time, it has nothing to do with my diet.

I think.


shlemazl said...

"The assumption here that it's Hezbollah that began this is ridiculous,"

Professor knows his history. Of course it's ridiculous. It was all set up by Churchill in 1918.

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